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Roof Shingles

Need a Roof Inspection?

​Buying or Selling a home? 
Call 913-268-3113

We work with realtors and homeowners throughout the Kansas City and Lawrence areas to help you have the most detailed information as you are choosing your new home or selling your current one.

One of our representatives will respond quickly to schedule a time to inspect your roof, answer any questions, and give you a full report.

When buying or selling a home it is important to know:


  • What the current condition of the roof is. 

  • Does the roof have roof damage from severe weather or hail damage?

  • Is the roof reaching the end of its life?

  • Or does the roof just just need a tune up to extend it's life?                                                                                                     

We Can Help!


If our inspection indicates that your roof has only isolated damage, but the rest of the roof still has years of dependable service left in it, we may recommend just repairing the existing roof. A simple roof repair can save you thousands of dollars and possible extend the life of the roof. 


From repairing damaged roofing materials, to replacing faulty fixtures on your roof, all of our repair and maintenance work is performed by trained professionals and backed by our Satisfaction Guarantee.   


Cottonwood Roofing Company has been trusted by Real-Estate Agents and Homeowners throughout the Kansas City and Lawrence areas because of our high-quality roofing installation, repairs, and our knowledgeable roof inspectors.             

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