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                                                 Quality Installation Means Better Performance and Value

Cottonwood’s roofing installation professionals are highly trained with each of the roofing products we offer, ensuring that your shingles perform and last as designed. This means better long-term value and protection for your home.

Because of our training, expertise and superior results, we have received the highest levels of certifications from roofing material manufacturers. This allows us to pass the best product warranties they offer on to you, in addition to our installation Satisfaction Guarantee.

Our goal is to provide you, the homeowner, with the highest-quality roof, at the least inconvenience to your everyday life.        

Removal and Installation of  your new roof:


Replace any decking that needs to be re-placed. (note: though we do our best, the extent of the decking that needs to be replaced cannot be fully assessed until the old roofing material is removed).

 2” x 3” Drip Edge Flashing will be installed on all eaves to protect the edges of the roof sheathing and fascia board, and to help channel water into the gutter system. 1” x 2” is the industry standard and offers less protection.

  • Valley flashings that are fabricated with an inverted V-shaped standing diverter will be installed in all valleys. All of our standard flashings contain a baked-on enamel finish to prevent rust and corrosion. These flashings typically outlast the other roofing materials.

  • Your shingle materials will be installed using the proper fasteners, according to the manufacturer’s specifications and local building codes.

  • Step-Flashings will be installed on all adjoining walls and interlaced with the new roof shingles. A kick-out flashing will be installed at the bottom of every step-flashing “run” to ensure that water is diverted to the outside of siding materials below the run.

  • Roof and soffit vents will be installed to provide an adequate and balanced ventilation system. The quantity and placement of vents are determined by our Analysis of Existing Conditions conducted during our initial inspection. An adequate ventilation system is necessary to ensure the elimination of moisture in the attic. Excess moisture may lead to interior mold/mildew and premature failure of the roofing materials, which could void the manufacturer's material warranty.

  • New step-flashings will be installed around chimneys and skylights, and re-caulked.

  • New plumbing vent flashings and new furnace flue flashings will be installed, interlaced with the new roof shingles, and caulked.

  • New ridge materials, matching your shingle type, design and color, will be installed according to the manufacturer’s specifications. The ridge shingles will be installed in a straight line and will provide the finishing touch to the roof installation - both technically and aesthetically.

Help us protect your home by doing some preparations to help protect your home: please click the Picture below to see what to expect and how to prepare for this major construction during the removal and replacement of your roof.

Roof Replacement

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